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Top 10 Adventure Activities in India #10-6

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Below, I gave an extremely simply guide to follow when deciding to travel to India. They were the first steps anyone should take when traveling to India. One of the more difficult aspects about booking a vacation is deciding on the activities. While I was in India, I took an extensive backpacking adventure and visited much of what India had to offer. There are still numerous things that I was not able to fit into my schedule. Here is a list of “Go India’s” top activities to do in India for the adventurous type.

Number ten on the list is heli skiing. This involves taking a helicopter to a remote area of the Himalayas and getting dropped off in an untracked area to ski freely for a couple of hours. Heli skiing is offered in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir.

Next is mountain biking through the tricky Himachal Mountain Trail. India has plenty of mountain biking trails throughout the region. Most of them are in the Himalayan region. Kerala in south India also offers great mountain biking expeditions.

At number eight, we have hot air ballooning over the vast landscapes of India. Hot air ballooning is a relatively new tourist activity offered in India and can be done at Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. Delhi, Manali, Jaipur, and Pushkar also offer hot air balloon excursions.

Camel and Yak safaris are another popular tourist activity. This activity involves setting out into the Indian desert and camping under the stars. The most popular location for the Camel safari is in Jaisalmer and Bikaner. Yak safaris are offered in Spiti Valley.

At number six, we have auto rickshaw rampaging. This is known as a fun way to experience India while taking an automatic rickshaw through the wild streets. This activity is more widely known as the Rickshaw Challenge. This challenge is offered all over South India.

Number’s five through one coming soon. Stay tuned to see what the best adventure activities in India are according to “Go India.”

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