Backpacking Through India (2008)

In 2008, I got the chance to travel back to India, the country of my birth, this time as a backpacker seeing the sights. The homecoming trip was among the most beautiful and profound experiences I have ever had, and I’m so glad I had my camera along with me to snap some pictures. An amateur travel photographer such as myself has to find that difficult balance between capturing moments behind a camera, and actually living moments without it. While I didn’t get as many photos as I perhaps would have liked, I’ll always be grateful for those ten days I spent reconnecting with my roots.

Some highlights:

Munching on mutton biryani in Hyderabad

bhaskar chanda biryani







Hyderabad is famous for Nawabi cuisine, of which mutton biryani is the most popular dish (and my favorite!)

Visiting the Meenakshi Amman Temple

bhaskar chanda toronto madurai








A sacred symbol for the Tamil people, the temple contains 14 towers filled with over 33,000 sculptures. It was recently nominated for a list of seven “New Wonders of the World.”

Seeing the Harmandir Sahib

bhaskar chanda toronto golden temple









The Golden Temple is a prominent Sikh house of worship which opens its four doors to people of all religions to come and practice their faith.

Witnessing the Wagah border ceremony in Amritsar

bhaskar chanda toronto border ceremony









The Beating Retreat Ceremony is a joint military ritual practiced between Indian and Pakistani soldiers.

Holy Cows on Goa Beach

bhaskar chanda goa beach









You have to be careful with these beasts–while they’re happy to pose for photos in the afternoon, they dislike being disturbed while sleeping at night.

Boating down the Kerala in Alleppey

bhaskar chanda house boat








You can rent a houseboat for a whole day for not too much money ($75+) and take a tour of beautiful villages along a series of rivers. What’s more and all food and drink is included in the price!

The Taj Mahal in Agra

bhaskar chanda taj mahal









I didn’t expect to be so moved by this iconic site, but I definitely was!


from Bhaskar Chanda


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