Ft. Lauderdale and the Bahamas (2007)

After the Alberta Rockies, I decided it was time to go some place warm–somewhere with beaches and lots of sun. But where? The answer–Ft Lauderdale, and then the Bahamas.

bhaskar chanda deerfield

First, Ft. Lauderdale. This city in Florida has twenty-three miles of beaches. With a year round average temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit and average 3,000 hours of sunlight, Ft. Lauderdale was just what I needed after skiing and ice climbing in one of the coldest countries in the world (also the one I call home). Highlights of the trip included fishing of the Deerfield Pier, golfing at Pompano Beach, and kayaking off Dania Beach.

Next stop, the Bahamas! A tropical paradise, Bahamas has never experienced a single frost or freeze, and there’s only a 12 degree Fahrenheit difference between its coolest and warmest month. I spent much of my time there exploring the sights like Preacher’s Cafe and scuba diving the Andros Barrier Reef.

bhaskar chanda andros

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll talk a bit and share some photos of my 2008 trip to Miami!

from Bhaskar Chanda http://ift.tt/1dOHMvp


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